Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When a child is born ...

I walked out the Doctors rooms, dazed - I was pregnant, I got into the car, turned to my husband and burst into tears ...... "I'm pregnant!" - now he too was dumb struck. Why we were so surprised I don't know - we hadn't been trying to have a baby, we had plans to travel the world together - "the best laid plans of mice and men" comes to mind!!

We certainly weren't sad though once the shock wore off - we were excited - now we were going to be a family.

"When a child is born, so is a Mother"

Nathan ("Nathan" is a Hebrew name and means "giver") was born by elective Cesarean - he was a BEAUTIFUL health baby - everyone loved him. However, this little baby would bring me to my knees, literally - he was what they called a "fussy baby" .... he never stopped crying, hardly slept and wanted attention all the time and I mean all the time. "It's just a phase he's going through", "After 3 months he'll get better", "From 6 months he'll change" ...............I wondered what had happened to all my dreams of being a serene Mum to a lovely baby who slept and woke only to feed? Reality hit home ....

Our God is a gracious God - he brought into my life a friend who's son had also been a "fussy baby" ...... her words of advice I think saved my sanity - "Mandy get used to this - this is not a phase, this is a personality type - accept what you cannot change".

My darling son who turns 17 today - can still be "fussy" - but he is a thoughtful, responsible (mostly!), happy teen who I am incredibly proud to be a Mum to ....

Happy Birthday darling - from fussy to fabulous!!


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  1. What a sweet post...Happy Birthday Nathan. I love that your friend was sent to you to teach acceptance. Thanks for stopping by my blog...it's very nice to meet you. Have a blessed day-Carrie